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It sucks always being the footnote in someone else’s love story.

I used to be a hardcore Brucas shipper back in the days, waaaay before Julian. He’s not the reason why i stopped shipping Lucas and Brooke. Actually, Lucas is the reason why i stopped shipping Lucas and Brooke.
Now, i love the guy and as friends, Brucas are amazing. But as a couple, i am so infinitely happy they got away from each other.
I know there are crowds of supporters out there who would throw a whole house at me for what i’m about to say, but after one, two, three betrayals i just had to accept Lucas was not the guy for her. He never was and never will be.
I’ve said this before in my challenge, he loves her, he would always run when she calls and his heart would break if something happened to her. He respects her and admires her and believes in her. But he also hurt her so much, he damaged her, repeatedly. He didn’t love her enough to handle things maturely and fairly. I mean, one mistake i could forgive…He loved Peyton too much and lost control of it. But he kept wanting Brooke’s trust back and then tossing it aside as if it meant nothing.
And Brooke deserved much more than that, especially from the two people she loved the most in the world.

So yeah, to me Brucas is a giant, highlighted no. But i’m not upset at anyone about it, i guess we all fall for the wrong person in high school and i guess we’re never wise enough at that age not to mess up when the heart is involved. I would probably still ship Brucas though, if Lucas didn’t mess up so many times and with decreasing care for her.

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